Der Darpatische Landbote


The official magazine to the Principality Darpatien (1998 - 2005)
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Gloria Darpatia! About the magazine:

The Darpatische Landbote (i.e.: Darpatian Country Messenger), abbreviated »DL«, is one of about a dozend »province magazines« in the official Game By Mail, which is part of the Fantasy Role Playing Game »Das Schwarze Auge« (DSA).
   They are dedicated to consolidate the developed facts in geography, social aspects, politics, etc. in other words: the playing ground for thousands of Role Players at home. As the name suggests, each »province magazines« supports a certain part of Aventuria.

The subjects of the DL are focussed on the principality Darpatien, the border region to the Borbaradian Empire, but also home of the church of the goddess Travia.

So far all articles of the DL are in german language.
But if you wish to translate (parts or all of it) and spread it in other countries, you're highly welcome! Contact us at ...

The magazine consists of articles written by the players and the »province chancellor«, who coordinates and guides the play. Thus it is in the first place an organ for the mail players, and mostly interesting for players, who want to get a deep insight into darpatic life.
   Nevertheless the DL is also worth reading by everyone who enjoys living Fantasy and the Flair of a Rennaissance World.

The contents of the Darpatische Landbote

  • News and reports from baronies and estates, the residence (Fürstenhof) and the temples of the Twelve Churches.

  • In the column Von darpatischen Landen and Leuten descriptions of baronies, towns, castles and folklore.

  • Decrees, enactments, edicts, pronounces, announces and proclamations, but also Aventurian advertisements and calls for players.

  • Fantastic reading stuff: Sagas and Legends, Tales and stories, anecdotes and jokes, lyrics, epics and songs.

  • The column Allerley Handwerk und Wissenswertes features descriptions of real historic professions (printer, farmer, ...) and interesting facts of normal life (about time measuring, alum, salt, ...), rounded with suggestions how to use it within the play.

  • The column Meisterinformationen (master informations) gives background infos, explanations and solutions to the articles and suggestions for own adventures. Of course for »masters« only!

  • In the Verlautbarungen aus dem Kanzleramt the chancellor informs about current facts, dates, programs and rules, the last (not the latest) Thrill of FanPro™ next trend in the province.

  • Plus coats of arms, maps, adresses, illustrations and much more.

On special occasions we also publish special editions (»Sonderdrucke«, such as DLS3) of varying size and content.


Friederike Stein & Marianne C. Herdt
Post: Kaesenbachstr. 19,
D-72076 Tuebingen
F.R. Germany

E-Mail: Landbote@darpatia.de
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